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4 Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball as your Desk Chair

June 17, 2011

Finding time to exercise in our busy lives is difficult for many of us. So every little bit of exercise we can build into our every day activities is a winner, I say! 🙂

After hearing about the benefits of using an exercise ball as your desk chair over and over again, I have now decided to give it a try myself. In some 2 weeks or so, when I’ve given this a real good try and hopefully have gotten used to it, I will let you know of my findings in the comments below this post.

I’m also very interested in hearing from any of you who have already tested and tried this yourself.

pink exercise ball

My pink Exercise Ball

In the mean time here are the 5 most important reasons I found to use an exercise ball as your chair.

1.  Burn calories while you sit at your desk

You will notice that while sitting on the exercise ball you will unconsciously softly rotate, wiggle, bounce and move around all throughout the day. I guess this is why sitting on an exercise ball is also called “active sitting”. Not only will this burn a few extra calories every day, you will also feel more energized throughout.

2. Increase of blood circulation

One of the biggest problems of sedentary jobs is the lack of movement and thus the lack of blood circulation. When sitting on an exercise ball you’ll change your position often, but also your body will assume different positions when for example reaching for your stapler in your desk drawer, and you’ll have to get up to reach your filing cabinet, instead of “rolling over to it on your chair”. Though these movements seem small and far between, every little bit helps.

3. Decrease back pain and improve spinal health

Sitting on an essentially ‘unstable’ exercise ball, your body will almost automatically try to find the right balance and align itself into the perfect posture.

4. No more crunches

Maybe it is better to not give up on the crunches all together, but using an exercise ball as your office chair will definitely help strengthen your ab muscles almost effortlessly.



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